Motion Corpse 6

Collaboration with 4 other animators. Everyone gets 5 seconds to fill being given a colour palette and an audio track. Everyone first designs an end frame to their animation, then everyone passes their end frame to someone else becoming their starting point. Like consequences for motion. I electrocuted the green man then flew into his brain - nice opportunity to play with ideas without anyone telling you to stop - as long as the sections join together it's all good!

Designed and Animated by:
Josef Atlestam 00:02 - 00:07, Neil Lawson 00:07 - 00:12, Sandra Tournemille 00:12 - 00:17, Chris Greene 00:17 - 00:22, and Will Fortanbary 00:22 - 00:27
Music: "Pulse" by Psychadelik Pedestrian

If you would like to participate in a round of Motion Corpse, email